4 Tips For Properly Maintaining Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, solid wood kitchen cabinets are often one of the biggest investments that a person makes. Solid wood cabinets are a beautiful addition to a kitchen and can greatly enhance the overall look of a room. If you are spending money on high-quality solid wood cabinets, it is important to know how to take care of them so they can last for many years. Continue reading to learn more about properly maintaining solid wood kitchen cabinets:

Post-Installation Care

There are several steps that you should take after your wood kitchen cabinets are installed to protect them. After installation, use a damp lint-free cloth to gently wipe sown the surfaces of the cabinets, and then immediately dry them with another lint-free cloth; make sure that you always follow the grain of the wood when wiping it down. 

When the surfaces of the cabinets are clean, it is time to polish the cabinets. When choosing a wood polish, look for one that does not contain any wax or silicone. Carefully apply the polish according to the manufacturer instructions; polishing your cabinets after installation will help ensure that they are protected from staining, minor scratching, and excessive moisture.

Do Basic Cleaning Regularly

Cabinets in the kitchen can be prone to a build-up of grease and grime, so it is important to clean them every couple of weeks. In most cases, wiping them down with a damp, clean cloth will do the trick. If it does not, create a solution of slightly soapy water and then wipe them down again. Always promptly dry the cabinets after wiping them down. Avoid using cleaning products with ammonia or bleach, as these can damage the surface of the wood.

Always Clean Spills Right Away

Any time something spills on the countertops, make sure that you wipe the spill right away. If spills leak over the edge of the counter and come in contact with the wood cabinets below, they can become stained. Paying attention to spills will help ensure that your kitchen cabinets retain their beauty for many years.

Keep Moisture at Bay

Moisture is an enemy of solid wood kitchen cabinetry. Be diligent about keeping water away from the surface of your cabinets. Always avoid draping a wet towel over a cabinet door, and take care when loading the dishwasher to ensure that you do not splash the surrounding cabinets with water. 


3 April 2018