How To Seal Granite

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Granite is hard, it has very small pores, and it is very smooth. But people don't love granite surfaces just because it is a practical material. Most homeowners choose to install a granite surface because of the style. It is very attractive and luxurious to have a natural stone like granite on your floors, countertops, walls, or kitchens. Install granite in a kitchen or bathroom, where there so much moisture you have to maintain. This is particularly true in the kitchen where you might be dealing with raw food on a daily basis. Basically, if you have a granite kitchen countertop and it is not sealed, it could even be a health hazard because bacteria could grow in the pores.

This article explains how to seal a granite surface.

Clean It First

Before you can apply any granite sealant, you want the surface to be as clean as possible. Mop, sweep, vacuum, and do whatever to get the surface as clean as possible. Any tough stains and dirt buildup be scraped because you don't want to apply the sealant over it. You don't want to seal this grime onto your granite.

Applying the Sealant

The actual process of applying sealant onto a granite surface is very simple, but it is time consuming. You can essentially pour the sealant right onto the surface, and then spread it around with rags or sponges. You want to spread it so that every square inch is evenly soaked. However, you don't want to leave any large puddles of liquid.

Then, you will need to wait several hours for this coat to drive. Different products will have different drying times. Once it is dry, it will be visible because a film will form. You need to use dry rags to wipe off this film layer before moving forward. You will almost always want to apply at least two coats of sealant so that you can create a strong and lasting finish. You need to repeat these steps between coats. So,when you factor in the drying time between each coat, the project is going to take at least a full day.

Adding sealant to a granite surface is something that needs to be done more often in bathrooms and kitchens because of all the moisture. For example, you should probably seal your granite kitchen countertops at least once a year. A granite bathroom floor should probably be sealed once every two years. Contact a company like Aldayna if you need assistance caring for your granite. 


16 August 2018