Moving Into A New House? Home Safety Tips To Keep In Mind

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When you are moving into a new house, it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting your boxes into the house and then getting unpacked. However, as you begin to get settled into your new home, you will also want to keep your home safety in mind. There are several steps that you can and should take to improve and maintain safety in your new home. Get to know some of these early steps to take. Then, you can get started to ensure that you and your family live a long and happy life in your new home. 

Check All Your Fire Alarms

The first safety step that you will want to take in your new home is to test all of the fire alarms already installed in the house. Press the test button on the alarm. If it beeps loudly, then your fire alarm is working and the batteries are good.

If the sound is faint or you do not hear anything at all, change out the batteries and try again. The fire alarm should then work. However, if it does not work with new batteries, you will want to replace that fire alarm with one that works as soon as possible. 

Get Fire Extinguishers

In addition to ensuring that you have functioning fire alarms, you will also want to be sure that you have fire extinguishers from companies like Fire Foe Corp located throughout your house. Fire extinguishers should be placed strategically throughout your house. One main area to keep a fire extinguisher is the kitchen, as many home fires start in that particular room. 

In order to be able to readily access a fire extinguisher, you will also want to keep one in your bedroom closet. That way, if a fire occurs at night, you will be able to quickly and easily grab an extinguisher. Other fire extinguishers should be located along the route you would use to get out of your home in an emergency. Hall closets on all floors of the house, for example, are a good location. You should have at least one or two fire extinguishers on each level of your home. 

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

One of the biggest dangers in a home is carbon monoxide. It is a deadly, odorless gas that can get into your home through your heating system causing serious health problems and potentially even threatening the lives of your whole family. 

To prevent such tragedies, you should install carbon monoxide detectors throughout your house. Just like the fire extinguishers, you should have at least one on each floor of your house. You will want to be sure to put one in the room nearest your utility room (where the furnace is located). This will work as an early detection system for elevated levels of carbon monoxide gas in your home. 

With these safety tips in mind, you can be sure that you put your family's health and well-being first as you get settled into your new home. 


27 September 2018