2 Surefire Signs It's Time To Call An HVAC Contractor

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Most homeowners are surprised to learn just how important their HVAC system is. From removing heat and humidity to keep the home cool and comfortable in the warmer months to providing your house with heat in the winter, the importance should be easy to see. Of course, the system does work a great deal throughout the year, which places stress on the system that could prevent it from working effectively. Here are a few signs it's time to call a contractor to inspect and repair your HVAC system.

Warm/Cool Air

Stand in front of your vents and feel the air flowing out. When the system is in air conditioning mode, cool air should be flowing out of the vents. When you are heating your home, warm air should be coming out of the vents.

If you are feeling warm air when cooling and cool air when heating or a complete lack of air flow out of your vents, there is an obvious sign of trouble.

In some cases, the problem may stem from a clogged filter. In other more serious cases, you may have a failing compressor or a leak in your ductwork. Fortunately, contractors can spot the issue easily to get your system back in working order.

Increased Energy Bills

Heating and cooling your home require energy. As a matter of fact, about 48 percent of your home's total energy use stems from heating and air conditioning. Therefore, you will want to make sure your system is working in the most energy-efficient manner possible.

If you do see an increase in your energy bills even though you are not running your heat or air conditioning longer, there may be an underlying problem with the system.

There are many issues that can cause an increase in your energy bills.

For example, damaged ductwork can leak a great deal of conditioned air, making your system work harder to reach the desired temperature set on your thermostat. Filters clogged with dirt and dust may also affect your system's ability to function. Finally, a failing compressor or refrigerant leak may also be the cause of your increased energy bills.

Higher energy bills not only affect your bank account, though. The more energy your system uses, the more of a negative impact heating and cooling your home will have on the environment.

If your system is in distress, help is available. By knowing these signs, you and your air conditioning contractor can work together to find the problem to address.


1 November 2018