Cloth Treasures: What You Can Find In A Discount Upholstery Fabric Store

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Cloth most commonly used for upholstery on furniture is frequently sold in massive bolts several feet long. These bolts of fabric are not cut for purchase or sale in any typical fabric store. You can only find them in an upholstery shop, or in a furniture manufacturing plant. When there is a store that offers discount upholstery fabric, you can find lots of treasures in the fabric that remains on unused bolts. The following examples are just some of the things you can find when you shop one of these unique stores.

​Discontinued Fabrics

​Discontinued fabrics can include anything up to twenty or more years old. If you want furniture covered in fabric that brings back childhood memories, or you are just trying to restore the fabric on your mother's favorite chair as a Christmas present, there is a very good chance that you might find some scraps of this same cloth on a giant cardboard tube in these stores. In fact, any time you are trying to restore a piece of furniture and you do not want to change the fabric on the furniture completely, the first place you should look is in discount upholstery fabric stores. They buy out all of the bolts and scraps no longer in use by the companies that made the furniture in the first place.

​Rich, Luxury Fabrics That Once Cost Hundreds of Dollars Per Square Yard

​Ever wonder how some pieces of pretty typical furniture can cost thousands of dollars? It is usually the detailing in the wood and/or the luxury fabrics used for the upholstery. Yes, there are luxury upholstery fabrics that can cost upwards of tens to hundreds of dollars per square yard.

It is these fabrics that are frequently used to make some of the world's most expensive furniture. Sadly, the scraps and remaining bits of expensive luxury fabric are tossed by the wayside just as quickly as most other upholstery fabrics. However, that is an excellent deal for you because you can find some of these luxury fabrics at rock-bottom prices in the discount stores.

Discarded Fabrics

​Furniture makers tend to buy up lots of bolts of fabrics with the intent of using them for furniture. Then there are changes in plans, changes in designs of the furniture, and now the furniture makers have all of these bolts of fabric that will never be used, ever. So, they sell them off to the discount upholstery fabric stores to recoup some of their losses. Fabrics you have never seen on any piece of furniture anywhere can create the perfect drapes and re-upholster the furniture you have, creating very unique drapes and furniture for your home


15 December 2018