Easy And Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel Ideas

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If you're craving a new look in your bathroom or need to replace old, outdated elements, you can do it without spending too much time or effort. While you may not be able to complete your bathroom remodeling quickly if you're on a tight budget, little changes can go a long way in making a bathroom feel new.

Although you may want to replace the floor or shower in your master or guest bathroom, your finances will determine if it's possible or not right now. If you decide that you can't swing the big changes, start thinking on a smaller scale. There may also be less expensive fixes to big problems, such as easy-to-install peel-and-stick tiles over cracked wood boards or chipping porcelain. 

When you're trying to remodel as much as you can on a tight budget, tackle the things you can handle yourself first. Doing your own upgrades rather than calling in the professionals will allow you to do more for less.

Here are a few easy and inexpensive bathroom remodel ideas to consider:

1. Granite Countertops 

Real granite countertops will instantly upgrade any bathroom, and will be less expensive than a kitchen remodel because you'll need less product. If you use a little creativity, you'll be able to use real stone rather than a synthetic look-alike. 

While you may desire a popular neutral shade of granite, such as grey, marbled black and white or brown, you may be able to get a better deal on a hue that's not as in demand. For instance, consider going with a dark navy or hunter green color, and then incorporating the hue into the bathroom decor scheme via towels or a shower curtain. 

Another wallet-friendly tip is to buy granite that features small imperfections at a discounted price. They blend into the natural look of the stone, or you can hide it with the sink or other decor elements.

2. Wall Paint

A fast and easy way to breathe new life into the small space is by giving the walls a fresh coat of paint or two. You can either keep it classic with a white or cream-colored shade, or go for a spa-inspired shade of lavender or sage green. 

You should also consider removing old, dated wallpaper and paining the walls instead for new, modern look that won't break the bank.

3. Fixtures 

If your bathroom fixtures haven't been replaced for a decade or more, now may be time to do it. Start by choosing one metal color, such as sleek silver, elegant gold, or rustic black wrought iron to keep the look cohesive. 

You can easily change your bathroom faucet and taps and install new matching towel racks yourself if you have a few basic tools. 


6 March 2019