3 Mistakes To Avoid When Caring For Your Marble Countertops

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From dining and serving to food prep and creating a focal point of your kitchen, marble countertops can be a great investment for your home and family's needs. Although beautiful and durable, the marble does require some special cleaning and care. If you are confused about how to care for your new countertops, here are a few mistakes you must avoid when caring for your marble countertops.

Allowing Food/Liquids to Sit and Linger

Because of sanitary concerns and the overall health and appeal of your kitchen, you should clean up food and other residues from the surface immediately. However, cleaning up food and liquids immediately is even more important if you have marble countertops.

Certain foods and liquids can quickly stain marble if it is not sealed. For example, if you spill tomato sauce or wine on the countertop, clean it up immediately so the dark dyes do not penetrate the stone.

Other foods and liquids that may stain your marble may surprise you. For example, cooking oil, even though it is light in color, can penetrate the stone quickly, staining your marble.

No matter what food, residue, or liquid is sitting on the countertop, do not allow it to linger.

Cleaning with the Wrong Products

Another common mistake many people make is using cleaning solutions that are too harsh for the gentle nature of marble.

If the cleaning product contains acidic or alkaline agents, it can actually do more harm than good to your marble surface. Choosing cleaners that have normal pH levels, reducing any risk of marble damage to the surface, seal, or underlying stone.

If possible, ask the marble manufacturer to recommend a cleaning product that can be used daily. Or, visit your local discount retailer or home improvement store to search for a non-abrasive, non-acidic cleaning solution that is specifically designed for marble countertops.

Treating Marble Like Granite

Many homeowners chop and prepare food on their granite countertops. They can even place a hot pot or pan on granite without much worry or concern. Unfortunately, you should not treat marble countertops the same as granite.

Although both durable, marble cannot withstand the same type of abuse as granite countertops. Never chop foods on your marble countertops. Even though granite can withstand it, marble is prone to chips and scratches if you are not careful.

Caring for your marble countertops does not have to be overwhelming. This guide will help you understand the mistakes you need to avoid.


17 April 2019