4 Reasons Limestone Pavers Are A Good Choice For Building A Patio

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If you're building a patio, consider the material you'll use for the base. While concrete is a common choice, it isn't the most attractive option. If you want your patio to last a long time and have an interesting appearance, then limestone pavers would be a good choice. Here are four reasons why.

1. Limestone Has A Suitable Surface Texture

This stone is naturally slip-resistant. That makes it a good choice when you have kids or if you have a pool near your patio. This stone also stays cool in the summer so it isn't too hot for bare feet. It tolerates all types of temperatures, so you don't have to worry about cracking during extremely cold winters.

2. Limestone Comes In Attractive Earth Colors

This stone has an attractive appearance and comes in different earth colors so you can choose the look you like. You might want green, blue, tan, or beige stones. You might even want to mix the colors. Limestone is composed of marine fossils and clay or sand. It has a different color depending on where the quarry is located on earth. The pavers can be installed with grout or set in sand, and it's possible to install them yourself and create your own unique patio design.

3. Limestone Is Easy To Care For

This natural stone is easy to take care of. It can be rinsed with a hose or scrubbed with a non-acidic stone cleaner to get rid of stains. It's a durable and dense material, so it lasts a long time with little risk of damage from rain, cleaning, or heavy use.

4. Limestone Is Versatile

Another benefit of using this attractive and durable stone for your patio is that you can use it elsewhere on your property to create a continuous surface for walkways and even your driveway. You'll be able to add more hardscape features to your yard over the years while maintaining a uniform look in the stone. Limestone can be used to make outdoor seating areas, and it can even be used for indoor flooring.

Limestone is one of the more expensive types of pavers. One reason is because of its heavy weight that results in higher shipping costs. However, the price is worth it when you're looking for beautiful pavers to create a patio that will provide an outdoor living area where you can entertain, cook, or let kids play. When you want something more attractive and more durable than plain concrete for your outdoor space, limestone could be the solution you need.


19 February 2020