Tips For Decorating Awkward Areas In Your Home

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Nearly every home has a strange corner or nook that is difficult to decorate. Maybe the shape is unusual. Maybe there's an oddly placed window that makes the space awkward. Perhaps a heating element makes it difficult to decorate. With a little imagination, however, these odd nooks can become a favorite spot in your home. Read on for some tips to decorate those challenging spots. 

Dealing with a Radiator

A radiator can make an awkward corner even harder to decorate. There are ways to work around it, however. Consider using floating shelf brackets to hang a collection of bookshelves. Floating shelf brackets create a clean, uncluttered look for bookshelves, and you can use the shelves for books, art or plants. Put a cozy chair near the radiator and a small table, and you have a reading nook that will keep you warm all winter long. 

You also can turn the wall around the radiator into a gallery wall. Hang your favorite pieces of art on the wall above the radiator. An art gallery will draw the eye away from an unattractive radiator and toward beautiful pieces of art. 

Dealing with an Awkwardly Placed Window

A corner with an awkwardly placed window can be hard to decorate. One elegant solution is to think of the window like a piece of art and build an art gallery around it. Hang paintings and pictures, and include wall sculpture or wall planters to add some visual interest. The window will add some natural light to your art gallery and the entire collection will make the surrounding space feel much less awkward. 

Dealing with an Awkward Corner

If you have an awkward corner in your house that feels like dead unused space, rethink the area! Fill that awkward corner with a little life. A tall houseplant is a perfect item for an awkward corner. Floor lamps also can fill a corner that's difficult to decorate while adding a little extra light to space. A tall mirror in an awkward corner not only beautifully fills the space but catches and reflects light around the room, which can make a room feel larger. A folding screen is a wonderful choice to place in an awkward corner. It can be folded to customize the space and acts as a piece of art. It also can be moved around the room to add privacy if needed, making it a versatile addition to any home. 


24 April 2020