3 Changes To Make When Investing In Custom Kitchen Cabinets

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Changing and improving your kitchen is something that you can accomplish in more than a few ways. If your cabinets are rather old and in need of replacing, you should not hesitate to use this as an opportunity to make changes that better suit your family's wants and needs. This means that you should pay attention to essential details when ordering custom cabinets for the kitchen.


If you want to move around the appliances, especially the refrigerator, you may need to make changes to the surrounding cabinet dimensions. When you want to add a larger refrigerator, you should consider shaving off several inches from nearby cabinets to make enough room. If you want to downsize the fridge, you can add larger cabinets to get more storage for the kitchen.

When you have gone without a dishwasher for a long time, you will find that when you replace the cabinets is the perfect time to install one. Coming up with a concrete plan and picking a dishwasher will allow custom cabinets to be ordered that fit right into the surrounding area.


While standard cabinet doors may work fine in your home, you should consider an alternative for at least some of the doors by going with glass. This will give you a chance to put some of your kitchen items on display such as glasses or mugs that you have collected through the years.

Another way that glass cabinet doors can help is when family or friends are over because you can make sure plates, bowls, and glasses that they may want are easily visible from the glass. If you want to add lighting inside the cabinets, you should make sure to discuss this with cabinet professionals because they can add a lip at the top where you can conceal lights perfectly.


Alongside replacing the cabinets, you should consider whether you want to get new hardware as well. For instance, you can make sure the cabinets are pleasant to use with soft close hinges. You can also make it easier to keep the cabinet doors clean with hardware selection. This will be done by picking large knobs or pulls that keep your hands and fingers from touching the cabinetry.

When you are ready to invest in custom cabinets, you should consider some or all these potential changes that can provide noticeable improvements to the kitchen for your family to enjoy.

For more tips on getting custom kitchen cabinets, reach out to a cabinet maker in your area.


9 June 2020