Modern Features For Lighting Fixtures

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Modern problems require modern solutions, and many modern products and home components are designed to solve some of those problems. You can choose your fixtures based on which features will be most helpful to you in your situation.

Here are some of the features you can look for in modern lighting fixtures.

1. Lighting fixtures with remote control or smart connectivity

You can add lighting with smart connectivity to make your home more connected than ever. Some lighting fixtures come with a small remote control so that you can turn them on and off from across the room. Others may connect to your smartphone or smart home network, allowing you to control them from your device or even with voice control.

2. Lighting fixtures with integrated security features

Now, you can have more security features in your lighting system than just your motion-activated floodlights. You can add lighting fixtures with modern security features, such as an integrated camera or an integrated intercom. These can be especially helpful for porch lighting fixtures, allowing you to better control access to your home and monitor what happens at your front and back doors.

3. Lighting fixtures that can charge your phone

Many modern-day lighting fixtures, such as lamps, are designed with a USB outlet at the base so that you can plug your phone's USB charger directly into the lighting fixture. These are mostly designed to let you charge your phone easily, making the feature especially convenient for bedside lighting fixtures. However, you can also use these USB plugs for other USB-powered devices, such as a small electric fan.

4. Lighting fixtures powered by solar

Finally, some modern lighting fixtures can be connected to solar power sources. This allows you to make use of an eco-friendly, modern source of power for your lighting. You can connect lights to solar power either directly by installing a lighting fixture that comes with a solar panel or indirectly by placing a solar panel on your home and having your lighting professional or electrician wire the lights to it. As you can imagine, a light that comes with a solar panel may have range limits for indoor use since you need to place the light somewhere close enough to the outdoors that the solar panel can access sunlight to charge properly.

These types of fixtures can help you get more out of your lighting, use your space more efficiently, and even make your home more eco-friendly. Get in touch with a lighting contractor today to learn more.


22 September 2021