Buying New Furniture? What To Take With You To The Furniture Store

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Every so often, it's great to switch out your current furniture for a few new pieces. Different furniture has a way of changing the flow of energy in your home, rejuvenating the look and giving you a newfound appreciation for your property. Getting your sofas, tables, and accessories from a brick-and-mortar furniture store is ideal because you are able to see everything in person and can test each item out to make sure it's what you really want. If it's been a minute since you last purchased furniture, here are a few reminders of what you may want to take with you when you're ready to start shopping.

Bring Color Swatches Or Pictures For Good Pairings

One of the worst mistakes you can make when buying new furniture is failing to match the colors correctly. Each color comes in a variety of different shades, and if you don't really remember which hue your couch is in, you might buy an oriental rug that completely throws off the decor.

You can avoid this common blunder by carrying a few pictures or color swatches with you to the furniture store. Make sure the pictures are clear and turn on as many lights as possible so you're able to see the subtle nuances of each color for a perfect pairing. It might be a good idea to take a picture of the item you are thinking about purchasing and compare it to your current pieces to make sure they go well together.

Take Careful Measurements

Trying to eyeball a loveseat and mentally figure out if it will fit in the space you have in your home is typically futile. It might appear to be an excellent fit in your mind, but if you get it back to the house and it turns out to be too long, you'll have to begin the whole process all over again.

Take some time to measure out each area in your home where you plan to put a new piece of furniture. Also, bring the measuring tape with you to the actual store so you can measure in-house and get the exact dimensions so you don't have to waste time returning and replacing the too large or too small items.

If you follow these instructions you're sure to get the right furniture without unnecessary stress or hassle. Gather up these important items and head to the showroom with confidence.


4 January 2022