Before And After Your Window Installation Appointment

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The beauty of hiring a window installation contractor is that they do all of the work. They remove the old windows from your home. They help you select the best replacement windows to use. Then, they put your new windows into place. It's so nice not to have to do all of these things yourself. However, there are still a few things you need to do before and after window installation.

Before Window Installation

Before your window installation appointment arrives, you will want to prepare your home. Clear any furniture away from the windows and put it towards the center of the room where it's out of the way. Also, remove any window treatments so that they don't get in the way of your installers.

Then, venture outdoors. Is there any patio furniture in the way of the windows? Put it away. If some of the windows are only accessible from your driveway, consider temporarily moving your vehicles so they're not in the way of the installers.

Check with your window installers about their preferred method of payment prior to the window installment appointment too. This way, you can move money into the right account, activate the right app, or take cash out of the bank so you're ready to pay when the work is complete.

After Window Installation

When your installers are done working, go through the home and test each window, making sure that you can open and close it easily. If a window seems stuck or sticky, you can ask the installer to adjust or lubricate it. This is easier than having to have them come back later to make these adjustments.

Make sure you read through the warranty information about your windows. This way, if you have any questions you can seek clarification from the installers. 

Finally, you may want to do a little cleanup. Window installers tend to clean up after themselves, but there may be some chipped paint, little nails, or other small debris left behind. The sooner you sweep this up, the less likely your pets and kids are to eat it. You can then move your furniture back into place and put your window treatments back up.

Hiring window installers certainly makes getting new windows a lot easier. You get to let the pros handle the hard part! As long as you do the basic prep and aftercare steps outlined above, you should be set.

Contact a window installation service near you for more information. 


17 March 2022