Location Factors To Consider For A Custom Pond

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If you have a goal of improving the look of your backyard, there are lots of different projects that you may wish to consider. One idea is to have a local pond company build a custom pond in the size and shape that you want. A pond can add a serene vibe to any yard, while also providing plenty of entertainment for your children or grandchildren if you decide to keep fish in the water. One of the big decisions you'll need to make is where you want the pond to be. Here are some location-based factors to think about and discuss with your pond company.


In general, it's better to have your custom pond in a part of your backyard that gets a lot of sun. Shady areas can make algae grow quickly, which will make it more challenging to keep your pond clean. Additionally, any plants you place in and around the pond will need lots of sun to thrive. Spend some time assessing your yard to note which areas get the most sun throughout the day. For example, a spot in the middle of the yard can often work well, as it won't often be in the shade of the house, your backyard fence, or trees and other obstacles.


You'll also want the pond to be in a location that allows you to access it easily. While some people might think about having the pond situated in the corner of their yard so that it doesn't get in the way, this placement may not work well because you'll only be able to access the pond from part of its perimeter. This means that whether you're cleaning it or simply wanting to sit next to it and enjoy its look, there will be limitations. It's ideal if you situate your pond in an area that allows 360-degree access.


It's also important to choose a location that allows your pond to be visible from any outdoor living spaces you have. For example, if you have a deck or patio at the rear of your home, it's nice if you can see the pond while seated in these areas. While there may be times that you wish to go sit next to the pond to observe it closely, you'll spend the majority of your time on the deck or patio and want the pond to be visible from where you sit. Discuss each of these considerations with your pond company to find the best location for your new custom pond.

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7 March 2023