4 Problems That Chimney Repair Service Can Resolve

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If you enjoy lighting a fire in your wood-burning fireplace to give your home some extra warmth and coziness, you should have a chimney that's in good condition so that it can direct the smoke out of your home the right way. Certain chimney problems can interfere with the way your chimney does its job and also cause other home structure problems. By getting your chimney fixed by professionals, you can resolve any of these four problems that your chimney might have.

1. Chimney Cracks

Chimney repair service professionals are highly skilled at fixing large and small cracks that often form on chimneys because of weather exposure or old age. These experts can put new material on the brickwork to seal cracks where water can leak through and cause more chimney damage. The material that's used to fix chimney cracks can also hold each brick in place better to keep the chimney from leaning or collapsing.

2. Flashing Damage

Your chimney's flashing, which is the material at the base of the chimney where the chimney and roof meet, could be damaged and require repair or replacement service. The flashing could have also rusted from water exposure. Damaged flashing could leave your chimney and roof more vulnerable to water damage, and water could also leak into your home if adequate flashing isn't in place.

3. Chimney Blockage

Your chimney could become blocked because of soot or other debris buildups, and chimney sweep services can often clear these blockages. However, your chimney could also be blocked because of structural damage. Whether your chimney needs to be cleaned or repaired to remove the blockage, doing so can keep the air inside your home cleaner and may also prevent a house fire.

4. Liner Damage

The liner inside your chimney that lines the flue is responsible for directing fumes from your fireplace up and out of your home. If the liner is damaged, the fumes can't be moved as efficiently, and these fumes may even contain toxic and flammable chemicals that could start a house fire. Whether your chimney has a tile, clay, or cast-in-place liner, you can keep your chimney working properly and your home and family safe by getting the liner repaired or replaced.

No matter how old your chimney is or what type of chimney you have, it could still get damaged and need repair work. Chimney repair service providers in your area are ready to do the necessary tasks to bring your chimney back up to standard. For more information, contact a company like Pro Sweep Chimney Service near you.


7 June 2023